Accepted gables-apts Pets
09.06.2016 11:44

The Gables Apartments community is one of the many pet-friendly apartments in the US that allow residents to bring in their pets along with them. The federal Fair Housing Act allows reasonable accommodations for service animals, including for therapy or emotional support.

Gables-apts Pets understand that each animal exhibits a unique personality, and there is no reason why pets like cats and dogs would not be allowed inside your apartment provided certain requirements are met by the resident.

Accepted gables-apts Pets have a more liberal policy of allowing dogs up to a maximum of 100 pounds. Your furry friend could be within a weight range of 25 to 100 lbs. and gables-apts Pets have provided pet walk stations and pet walks on the expansive grounds of the almost 5-block apartments complex as our way of appreciating pet animals.

The marvelous amenities at Gables Apartments are designed to making your life more comfortable, functional and easier for you. As a matter of fact, Gables accepts your pets. If you have tagged along your pets of up to 100 pounds, they are welcome at the apartment facility. We allow cats and dogs, within breed restrictions and with a onetime pet fee of $200, a rent fee of $15 and a deposit of $200. 

Gables-apts Pets allow a maximum of 2 pets to be brought in by a resident within breed restrictions. However, exotic pets like rabbits, ferrets, rats, mice, guinea pigs, hamsters and reptiles may not be allowed by Gables Apartments.

A resident with disability and bringing along a service dog would need to inform the office about the type of disability. Gables-apts Pets acknowledge persons with disabilities to bring along their service animals for special types of assistance. 

A trained animal to provide personal assistance to persons with obvious disabilities such as blind persons is also acknowledged by gables-apts Pets.

Deposit and rental policies would still apply to residents with a need for dogs who would perform services for them. Breed restrictions would also apply to both cats and dogs under this special condition. Feel at home with your furry friends at gables-apts Pets.

The Gables Apartments community integrates the design, livability, ecology and amenities as part of the entire package that you can enjoy as you experience the flair of the living area, the kitchen stainless appliances, and bedroom furnishings that are incorporated into the total apartment design.

If you haven’t seen Gables apartment yet, call us today and find your new home.


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